One of my first jobs as a Web Manager introduced me to the digital space, since then it has become a passion of mine. The web has grown exponentially, with the innovation of cell phones, tablets and social media; I have been challenged everyday to learn something new, but more importantly how to properly choose the right medium and communicate effectively while doing so.  


While Social Media can be all things to most, it may not be a necessary evil to all. Working in the finance industry for many years, I would debate it may not be the right fit for this industry. I mean really, who is going to follow a bank or fund manager or twitter? Then again there are a lot more tools out there now a days, but it still matters on your audience and the message you intend. Understanding your audience, crafting a solid message and picking the right vehicle for your message is key.  



With over several years in marketing and communications, I have a diverse portfolio of projects I have been involved in, from everything from print to web. Here are just a few of those items.



Couple of years back, I attended a friend’s wedding in Cuba. Maybe it was the wedding or maybe it was because Cuba is so picturesque, regardless I was bitten by the photo bug. Since then I have purchased a DSLR camera and now see most things through the lens of a camera.



A long time ago, I was voluntold to shoot and edit a video, so knowing absolutely nothing about the whole process; I spent the entire night on youtube learning everything I could. I am still learning more and more everyday…and loving it!